Time To Review

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Dear Clients and Friends,

Since October of last year, we have covered a broad range of topics.  For example, we have discussed estate planning, insurance planning, gratitude, long term care, etc.  Most of them, if not all of them, are areas that we all need to take a very close look at and make changes where necessary.   Circumstances change along the way and as most of us know, change is one of those things that is constant in our lives. Another issue is that we tend to get so busy with other things in our lives (usually not as important or urgent as we originally thought them to be), that we do not take the time to review our own situations in these areas.  Have you ever heard the phrase that goes like this:  Today is always the tomorrow that I promised to do so much about yesterday?  Every today is  coming and going regardless of how much we have to do  and lately it seems to come at warp speed!
As I started to put this newsletter topic together for March, I thought that it might be nice to hear from some of you in regard to what you might like to cover. For example, are there any specific items that you might like to talk about that are relevent to your life and needs? Are there some questions or concerns about what is going on in this economy as it pertains to you and your household?  Do you, or someone you know,  need some specific help or references to aid in your individual planning issues?  If so, please let me know by contacting me either through my website (www.westminsterpartners.com) or my e-mail address (dale@westminsterpartners.com) and I would be glad to cover them in a future newsletter. I am not asking for you to divulge your name or anything personal, but perhaps there is a general topic of concern that you would like to expand upon.  And I leave this open to anyone else that may know who may have an issue or concern that they might like addressed.  They can contact me as well and I will be glad to cover that in a future newsletter.

One of the things I have always envisioned with my practice, my company and now with this newsletter was to be able to offer high value and keep it at a moderate cost.  There are too many individuals and organizations out there that offer all the “glitz” and none of the ethics or value.  We do not have to go very far to see that  happening in a good number of places.  So please give this some thought and I hope to be hearing from a number of you soon.

R. Dale Adcock

Financial Planner