Dale Adcock

Dale Adcock, President


Dale Adcock, President of Westminster Partners, started out with a degree in education. Though he never taught in a traditional classroom, he sees his role as a financial advisor as that of a teacher. Dale has worked for small and mid-sized stock and insurance brokerage firms, but his passion is not about sales.

It is about people.

Dale’s desire is to relieve individuals and businesses from financial burdens that prevent them from giving their best. Poor financial planning leads to terrible things like divorce, bankruptcy, or failed businesses—and it doesn’t have to be that way. With a little guidance, Dale believes anyone can develop the habits they need to live with financial security and stability, no matter what their resources. Even more, Dale strongly believes in the concept of stewardship and giving back.

A graduate of Central Michigan University, Dale has also completed extensive training in financial planning at Nova Southeastern University.

I desire to help people create wealth and to use it wisely. – Dale Adcock